TPO Roofing in Rhode Island: Top Single-Ply Roofing Materials

If you own a building that has a flat roof or features a low slope, there are a lot of choices with regard to commercial roofing solutions. However, one type of material stands out above the rest: single-ply roofing materials. While there are a couple of different kinds of commercial roofing that fall under this category, the best by far is what is known as TPO roofing in Rhode Island. Other materials that fall into this category include EPDM rubber roofing, another popular choice for northeastern businesses.

TPO stands for thermoplastic Polyolefin, which is a modern material that is installed in a thin layer or sheet, which is referred to in the roofing industry as single-ply. This material is excellent for reducing the amount of time and money spent on roof maintenance in Providence, as it is incredibly durable and long-lasting. There are many advantages associated with choosing Providence TPO roofing for your commercial or industrial structure.

TPO Roofing is Reflective

You might wonder why “reflective” is a quality that matters for roofing. Surfaces that are reflective help to reduce the amount of damaging UV rays and can even prevent a lot of heat from getting into your building during the summer. While this is a primary focus in southern regions like Florida or Arizona, there are still benefits here in Rhode Island. Providence TPO roofing can help to reduce costs associated with cooling in the summer months, keeping your commercial building or industrial warehouse much cooler than structures that use different types of roofing materials.

TPO Roofing Looks Great

While looks aren’t everything, when it comes to adding value to your commercial property, a great-looking roof can undoubtedly help. TPO single-ply roofing materials are white and, when installed by a professional contractor, they cover the top of your structure beautifully. The simple white material is aesthetically pleasing with just about any type of architectural design, making it an excellent choice for everything from large service centers to popular office buildings and retail shopping malls. Compared to other materials that are typically used for commercial and industrial buildings, it definitely is a much better-looking choice.

TPO Roofing is Sustainable

While it might not sound like it when you think about the chemical makeup that goes into creating TPO roofing materials, it actually is very sustainable. In fact, this modern material is entirely recyclable and is one of the very few roofing materials that can make this claim. One hundred percent recyclable materials go a long way toward helping to reduce your corporate carbon footprint and assist your company in achieving eco-friendly status. TPO roofing in Rhode Island helps you to be part of the solution, not the problem.

TPO Roofing is Durable

Studies have revealed that TPO roofing has all of the long-lasting durability of EPDM rubber roofing solutions, but also features all of the proven performance that is available with the use of hot-air weldable seams. Testing revealed that the seam strength of TPO roofing is approximately three to four times the adhesive and tape seams found on rubber roofing. Providence TPO roofing is highly resistant to tearing, punctures, and even impacts. The unique flexible nature of this material also helps it to shift and adjust with the changes that occur in your structure over time for better protection from leaks and other roof-related damage. Resistant to ozone, algae, and UV rays, you can effectively reduce roof maintenance in Providence when you choose this roofing material.

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