Infrared – Preventive Services

In addition to an annual visual inspection for commercial, industrial, and residential properties, it may be recommended to obtain infrared thermographic imaging for comprehensive preventive maintenance. When used for damage prevention, roof moisture surveys can spot areas where small issues can quickly become significant and costly problems. Moisture areas that are left unchecked and unrepaired can compromise the structural integrity of the building itself, presenting a serious safety issue for technicians. Infrared scans performed by a drone can help to identify specific areas of concern before sending up a roofing professional. This not only saves time and money but creates a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Protect Your Investment

When it comes to roofing, it is essential to perform services that will help to protect your investment and provide for longer life. Preventive services, such as annual inspections and infrared thermographic imaging, can help property owners make informed decisions about work that can be done to maximize the life of their roof. Replacing a roof can be an expensive and time-intensive project, so many owners look for alternative options that might make them avoid replacement costs and hassles if they are not needed. In some cases, an inspection might reveal that only minor repairs are needed or that other work can be done to extend the life of a commercial, industrial, or residential roof. At A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing, our team works directly with each customer to find a solution that is best for their unique needs and requirements. Our many years of experience working in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire have given us knowledge and understanding of what is necessary for quality roofing in New England.

Quick Action Can Reduce Costs

In addition to saving clients from having to replace a roof when only repairs might be needed, roof moisture surveys by drone can also help to expedite repairs to protect property and assets. When a leak is detected, regardless of whether it is during the middle of the rainy season or a lovely warm week in summer, it is essential to take the steps necessary to make repairs right away. Damage to the rest of the structure, including drywall and building materials, as well as assets, such as office supplies, electronics and equipment, furniture, or retail stock, could occur. For homeowners, significant loss of personal belongings, including family photos and cherished heirlooms, could be at risk if a leak goes undetected and unrepaired. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you are interested in learning more about how infrared thermography is used in preventive maintenance and roofing inspections, contact A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing by calling 401-654-4128 and speak with one of our team members.