Infrared – Roof Moisture Surveys

Commercial, industrial, and residential customers have a new technology advantage when it comes to identifying suspected leaks and locating visible roofing leaks. Infrared moisture surveys provide advanced roofing inspections using specialized drones and high-tech handheld devices. There are many benefits associated with using this type of technology, primarily having a precise and clear picture of the moisture that is present within a roofing system. A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing uses this technology to recommend professional solutions designed according to the unique needs of each customer. Locating the exact point of a leak can be a challenge, especially with low sloping roof systems. As a result, the location of the leak and the visible damage it can cause are not always lined up in a way that makes sense. Infrared scanning can help to pinpoint the location of the leak and provide the repair team with an image of the moisture within the roof for faster and more cost-effective services.

Recovering and Restoration

Infrared moisture surveys can help property owners to avoid the high cost of a complete tear-off and recovering of an existing roof due to a leak. If a majority of the system is free of moisture and only a specific area needs to be replaced or fixed, thermography scans can help to reduce costs significantly. When installing a new roof, if there is damage to the substrate underneath that is not immediately noticeable, infrared moisture surveys can help to identify areas of damage that might cause problems in the future. Many new types of roofing systems and roof coating products require assurances that the materials underneath do not contain moisture before application. Once again, a professional drone survey using infrared technology can help the contractor and property owner make sure no moisture is present. Prospective property buyers can also use infrared thermography scans on a structure that they are thinking about buying to get an accurate picture of the roof conditions.

Low-Slope Roofing Scans

When it comes to infrared moisture scans, it is essential to know that these surveys are only valid on roofs that are low sloping. Ideal conditions to identify moisture issues should be dry, sunny, and warm. Moisture can be hidden from a scan during the hot part of the day when the solar load heats the surface of the roof and any moisture underneath. When the sun sets, the surface cools down quickly, but the moisture retains heat. This helps infrared imaging to detect the difference in temperature and provide a clear image of problem areas. It is important to work with a company that is certified and licensed to perform this type of survey for the best results. Specialized equipment is fitted to drones or used by a trained technician to capture images of the structure. A drone can take images of the entire building at once, while the handheld devices are used for inspecting specific areas of a roof. If you are interested in learning more about infrared thermographic surveys, contact our team at A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing by calling 401-654-4128.