The 100-Year Roof: Advantages of Slate Roofing in Providence

rhode island slate roofingChoosing the right material for residential or commercial roofing in Providence can be overwhelming. The pros and cons of each option, the cost, and benefits – sometimes it’s just too much to figure out on your own. When it comes to Rhode Island slate roofing, it’s a smart idea to work with a contractor that has many years of experience working with this challenging material. Someone who doesn’t understand how slate roofing works, know the best methods for installation, or have contacts with quality suppliers, won’t be able to provide the best installation. When it comes to slate roofing in Providence, you want to make sure you get the best return on your investment. While more costly than many other roofing materials, if the slate is installed properly and is maintained throughout its lifetime, it could last for 100 years or more.

A Unique Roofing Material

While most consumers are well aware of the benefits associated with other roofing materials, Rhode Island residential slate and commercial slate roofing options are not as common. The value and capabilities of this unique roofing material can make it very attractive to homeowners and property owners throughout New England. The lifespan of this material alone provides inspiration to many who are seeking new residential or commercial roofing in providence.

Slate roofing materials are extracted from shale-type sedimentary rock that is composed of volcanic ash or clay. The material itself is already estimated to be millions of years old. Slate is extremely durable and can last for several hundred years with little to no maintenance. There are some slate roofs in New England that date back even further than 100 years that are still performing at a high standard, protecting the structure from weather-related damage.

The “Forever” Roof

There are many names for slate roofing in Providence, especially within the roofing industry itself. Referred to as the “100-Year” roof, “Century” roof or the “Forever” roof due to its longevity, most homeowners and commercial property owners will only need to put one on in their lifetime. This compares to a traditional shingle roof, which will likely require replacement two to three times throughout the homeowner’s lifetime.

Because of this reputation, quality Rhode Island residential slate or slate commercial roofing in Providence can increase the resale value of the property itself. The natural beauty, durability, and elegance of this roofing material can enhance the architectural style of the building and help it to maintain the same quality appearance throughout the years. Some of the most beneficial aspects of Rhode Island slate roofing contribute to its popularity and durability.

Resistant to Common Issues

Many of the most frequent issues that cause Rhode Island property owners to have to put on a new roof are not a problem when it comes to slate roofing in Providence. Some of the benefits associated with Rhode Island residential slate and commercial roofing in Providence include a natural resistance to fire and mold. Low absorption of water makes slater roofing extremely resistant to damage caused by frost, snow, ice, and the seasonal freeze-and-thaw cycle.

The strength and durability of natural slate roofing in Providence make it perfect for standing up to typical weather conditions in New England. Heavy rains, high winds, hail, snow, and intense sunlight can all do damage to other types of roofing materials over time. Slate won’t crack, break or blow off, helping it to last a lot longer than man-made roofing solutions. While it might cost a bit more than other types of roofing at the beginning, the return on investment over many years of protection and security make it a great value.

Is Slate Roofing Right for You?

Slate materials are much heavier than other types of roofing solutions, and they cost a lot more. Slate can add an extra 500 pounds or more to a roof, depending on the size of the structure. It pays to work with a licensed, experienced, and insured provider for residential or commercial roofing in Providence. You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your building can hold the weight of slate and that this roofing solution is right for your needs. Contact A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate by calling 401.654.4128.