Selecting the Best Rhode Island Commercial Roofing Solution

rhode island commercial roofingCommercial buildings have different needs than industrial or even residential properties. Similar to the care that you give to your landscaping and parking lot to make a positive impression on prospective customers, you also need to consider the roofing solution that you will install carefully. Whether you are looking at Rhode Island commercial roofing for new construction or to replace a roof on an existing structure, it pays to invest in the best commercial roofing materials and work with a licensed and insured commercial roofing contractor. Don’t just pick “some guy” out of the phone book – take your time and select the most qualified and experienced roofing contractor in the local area.

The Best Commercial Roofing Materials

The type of structure that you have will generally dictate the kind of roofing that you need to get. Certain construction will forbid a heavy tile roof due to weight-bearing issues. Other structures are shaped in such a way that sheet metal roofing companies or services that offer single-ply roofing would be your best bet. If you are not sure what you need or what type of roof you might be able to install for longer-lasting results than your last roof, it is best to consult with a commercial roofing contractor.

A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing is a licensed, insured, and experienced contractor providing top quality Rhode Island commercial roofing all over the Southern New England region. We have earned a solid reputation for providing quality workmanship and use techniques and installation solutions that are designed to meet or exceed expectations. Our employees are all very well-trained, courteous, and on-time. Every single member of our team from the person who takes your initial phone call to our billing department is highly trained, skilled, and experienced in providing professional roofing in a very demanding local region. We treat each client with respect and deliver guaranteed results at competitive pricing while offering custom and unique materials according to client specifications.

Professional Roofing Systems in Providence

While sheet metal and roofing is literally in our name, we also offer a wide range of other professional roofing systems. Under the metal roofing category, we supply standing seam metal, copper, sheet, metal, architectural metal, and custom metal work solutions. As a commercial roofing contractor, we are also experienced and proficient at installing EPDM “rubber” roofing, TPO “single-ply” roofing, and slate roofing materials. We have a diverse array of clients who want unique roofing solutions or options that will enhance the appeal of their business. Shopping malls, strip malls, stand-alone shops, office complexes, and other commercial structures can all benefit from our Rhode Island commercial roofing solutions.

Each type of solution that we offer has definite benefits and should be chosen based on your goals, structural needs, and budget. As a commercial roofing contractor, we can just as easily install sheet metal roofing as TPO roofing, but the choice needs to be made by the property owner or client. The best commercial roofing materials are the ones that will add value to your property, protect your business and assets, and provide long-lasting results. Our consultation services can be used to help you determine the pros and cons of each solution based on your structure, and offer comprehensive pricing that can help to seal the deal.

So What is the Best Roofing Solution?

That is a question with no definitive answer. The choice that you make should be made based upon all of the information that we provide to you and your personal preference. Some customers prefer to go with a more aesthetic style of roofing, while others who may have had leaks and other issues in the past, prefer to choose the option that offers the most water-tight solutions. Slate roofing is ideal for those who want to increase the value of a structure by putting on a one-hundred-year roof. However, unless you have a multi-generational company, that might not be a top priority.

Contact A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing to discuss your options. We can come out to your property and assess your structure and existing roof to help you make an informed decision. Give us a call at 401.654.4128 and speak with one of our roofing experts. We can answer any questions that you might have about our experience as a commercial roofing contractor, offer references, and give you basic pricing information on Rhode Island commercial roofing. We also offer roofing installation and services for properties in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Call today for a FREE estimate or a consultation with one of our technicians.