Rhode Island Roofing Repair Services: Commercial & Residential

preventive maintenance rhode island roofingWhen you invest a significant amount of money into something new, it pays to protect it. You wouldn’t buy a fancy sports car and then never change the oil, would you? Residential and commercial roof repair can be expensive, especially if you’ve only had it for a few years. Preventive roof maintenance in Providence, along with seasonal inspections, can help you avoid costly Rhode Island roofing services and help keep your new roof in good condition for many more years to come. Neglecting to perform regular inspections and services may even void your warranty, so make sure to speak with one of our technicians about new roof responsibilities and manufacturer recommendations for the best in Rhode Island roof repair.

Preventive Maintenance Solutions

Contact our team at A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing to discuss your interest in a preventive maintenance program for your residential or commercial roof. Preventive maintenance is a routine program designed to provide professional solutions that will reduce premature roof damage, repairs, and replacements over the life of your new roof. A well-planned schedule for roof maintenance in Providence can help you get the most out of your investment and provide you with long-lasting coverage. Rhode Island roofing services should be performed to inspect everything from the roofing materials and membrane to other installations, such as light tubes, solar panels, and skylights.

Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of inspections for residential and commercial roof repair. In New England, it is suggested that you get your roof inspected twice a year, similar to an HVAC unit. Once in the spring after the winter snow has melted away and again in the fall in preparation for the coming winter season. This approach can help you to spot small issues before they become big and costly problems. All of our Rhode Island roofing services are designed with the property owner in mind to ensure that you get the most life out of your roof no matter what type of material was installed.

Common Issues Found in Roof Inspections

When we come to your property to provide a roof inspection or roof maintenance in Providence and the surrounding service area, you can expect a full report from our crew. Some of the common issues that we find that require your attention include excessive debris on the roof or in the gutters. This is common if you have a lot of tall trees that tower over the structure. We might recommend the use of a leaf guard system on your gutters to prevent pine needles, leaves, acorns, and other debris from making its way inside. These systems are usually quite effective at stopping problems before they start. We can also check the drains and clear them to ensure proper water flow.

The roof itself may require attention as well, mainly if the inspection follows a severe storm season. We can caulk the terminations and seal pipes, as needed; make repairs to roof surface defects and check potential water-entry points for damage. For commercial roof repair, we can upgrade or add safety features to help your roof remain OSHA compliant. If you have special needs regarding the roof for utility or HVAC access by service providers, make sure to speak with our team about your concerns. We can address any issues caused by these services and provide suggestions to prevent damage to your roof during future visits.

When to Call A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing

Beyond your twice-a-year inspections and preventive maintenance, there are other situations when you should contact our team for roof maintenance in Providence and the surrounding area. We offer our services in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, serving the entire Southern New England area.

Some of the reasons why you might contact our team includes:

  • interior signs of roof problems – if there is water leaking into the structure or dampness up in the attic; mold, mildew, water stains, and peeling paint are all common signs of roof problems
  • excessive dirt and debris – if you notice from the ground or after a trip up to the roof to check another piece of equipment that there is a lot of dirt and debris, contact our team; it could be a sign of other issues or lead to rotting or premature decay of the materials
  • standing water – while flat roofs might be more prone to puddles of standing water, you should still contact our team if you notice water collecting on your roof; the installation will typically provide a method for water to drain effectively, so if you see it pool, contact Rhode Island roofing services
  • fallen trees or branches – if you have a limb or part of a tree that falls onto your roof, contact our residential or commercial roof repair team right away; the sooner we can make the necessary repairs, the more cost-effective the services will be

Contact A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing direct by calling our team at 401.654.4128 to speak with one of our roofing experts. We can answer any questions you have about Rhode Island roofing repair and preventive maintenance services or schedule a FREE consultation with one of our technicians.