Is Commercial Providence EPDM Roofing Really Made of Rubber?

rubber roofing rhode islandAt A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing, we are known for our top-quality commercial, industrial, and residential roofing system installations. Single-ply roofing, which includes EPDM and TPO roofing in Rhode Island, is a very popular choice for our commercial and industrial customers. As a Rhode Island roofing contractor with many years of experience serving the New England region, we have installed many flat roofs in the local area with Providence EPDM roofing and TPO roofing solutions. EPDM is also known as rubber roofing in Rhode Island. Sometimes the “otherwise known as” nicknames for materials or products are inaccurate, while others provide a very realistic description. So the big question is: is commercial Providence EPDM roofing really made out of rubber, or is it made from something else?

The Short Answer: YES

EPDM rubber roofing in Rhode Island is a type of synthetic rubber that is used across many different industries in a variety of unique applications. Considered to be an M-class rubber under the ASTM standards, Providence EPDM roofing is in a group that includes elastomers that have a saturated chain of the polyethylene type. Specifically, EPDM is made from a combination of ethylene, propylene, and diene comonomer. The ingredients and methods used to create this popular single-ply roofing material can also be compounded with fillers like carbon black and can be crosslinked to improve resistance to heat, light, ozone, and other environmental issues that can quickly degrade other roofing materials.

When installed professionally by a Rhode Island roofing contractor, you can expect to get the best possible results from rubber roofing. EPDM also offers good low-temperature properties, providing excellent coverage for commercial structures in Rhode Island and other northeastern states. Tested in extreme conditions, including Alaskan winters and Florida summers, EPDM rubber roofing was able to withstand weather, heat, humidity, freezing water, cold temperatures, and much more. Affordable, environmentally-friendly, and quick to install, there are many things to like about this popular roofing solution.

Is Rubber Roofing Made from Tires?

This is a common question, and the answer is NO. Rubber roofing in Rhode Island is made specifically for commercial and industrial roofing and is not recycled tires or made from the same material as tires. There are many different compounds that fall under the “rubber” category, and Providence EPDM roofing is very unique and beneficial in its own right. Excellent for all types of roofs and structures, a Rhode Island roofing contractor can even use this type of material to provide increased damp-proofing for a building that has had issues in the past.

Flexible, durable, and long-lasting, EPDM rubber roofing is ozone-stable, UV-stable, and designed to move with your building over time for longer-lasting strength. Rubber roofing in Rhode Island can stand up to the challenges that New England structures and weather conditions pose and offer a wide range of temperature protection to guarantee quality protection for many years to come. Ongoing maintenance and regular inspections can help this type of roofing last even longer. The good news is that any costs for this level of maintenance are relatively low, offer an excellent return on investment throughout the lifetime of your new roof.

Is EPDM Beter Than TPO Roofing?

There are pros and cons to both types of single-ply roofing. TPO roofing in Rhode Island has one clear advantage, the ability to be installed using hot-air weldable seams. While Providence EPDM roofing materials do not support this type of installation, the resistance to damage, long-lasting protection, and durability are quite similar. However, with the seam strength of TPO being what it is, studies reveal that it provides three to four times the adhesive compared to rubber roofing in Rhode Island.

Which type of roofing material is best for you and your structure? The best way to find out is to consult with a professional, experienced, and reputable Rhode Island roofing contractor who can offer a FREE evaluation of your building and provide you with solid facts. The more you learn about Providence EPDM roofing and TPO roofing in Rhode Island, the more these single-ply roofing solutions become a valuable option for commercial and industrial properties. Contact A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing to discuss your needs by calling 401.654.4128.