Architectural Metal Roofing: Providence Commercial Buildings

architectural metal commercial ProvidenceWhile you might have guessed just by looking at our company name, our technicians at A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing have lots of experience working with metal materials for Providence roofing installation projects. This environmentally friendly roofing solution is prized by commercial, industrial, municipal, academic institutions, sports complexes, and even homeowners due to its many inherent benefits and long-lasting great looks. Custom sheet metal design and installation, including architectural metal roofing products, is one of the best roofing solutions for those who want to get a high return on their investment. We are proud to have earned a solid reputation among sheet metal roofing companies in Southeastern New England due to our many successful installations and satisfied customers.

A History of Metal Roofing

While metal roofing is very popular these days for a number of reasons, it is definitely not considered a new material. Even before property owners considered environmentally friendly roofing as a motivator, metal roofs had been used for thousands of years. The metals used and the style or design was not quite what we see today in the average Providence roofing installation, but a variety of metal sheeting options have been used throughout time. From corrugated galvanized steel to plain metal sheets, some metal roofing is even made of more durable materials, including stainless steel for extremely harsh conditions and copper. While copper has become quite expensive in recent years, it is still frequently used on commercial buildings for spires, gutters, and other sturdy accessories.

The most popular modern metal roof installed by sheet metal roofing companies today is aluminum. However, other options include alloy blends of zinc, aluminum, and silicon steel, standing seam metal, and other materials. The type of roofing style, design, and makeup should be determined by the type of structure, the goals of the property owner, the type of business that it will cover, and the budget for installing a new roof. Modern aluminum roofing systems are estimated to have a lifetime of approximately 30 years with proper installation and ongoing maintenance. While the maintenance is minimal compared to other types of roofing materials, annual inspections and immediate repairs of any discovered damage will help it to last even longer.

Advantages of Architectural Metal Roofing

Compared to all of the other types of metal roofing materials used for Providence roofing installation, architectural metal roofing is the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch. Designed to mimic other, more costly types of roofing materials, such as Spanish or Mediterranean tile, the benefits of choosing sheet metal roofing companies over traditional roofing material installations are many. Architectural metal roofing is lightweight, naturally resistant to corrosion, has a high level of reflectivity that can reduce utility costs for cooling in the summer months, and is extremely easy to customize to match the design or color of your commercial building.

As you might have guessed, this environmentally friendly roofing is also extremely durable. Many metal roofs have survived for hundreds of years. The metal is recyclable and can be extremely attractive, depending on the style and color that you choose. While it is a bit more costly than basic asphalt shingles, it definitely lasts longer and is much easier to maintain. Many manufacturers of metal roofing products coat the metal for additional protection from the elements. New coatings can be added over time if the color fades to extend the life of the roof and further increase the return on your investment. Many options are available for repair and restoration as well, should you want to save on installing a new roof for an existing metal roof.

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