TPO Roofing in Rhode Island: Single-Ply Roofing Installation

TPO roofing rhode islandIf you own a commercial or industrial structure that features a flat roof, you probably already know about single-ply roofing. There are many benefits associated with choosing a single-ply roofing installation. Some of the roofing systems that fall under this category include TPO roofing and EPDM rubber roofing in Rhode Island. It is an excellent option for any flat roof and offers more advantages to property owners, especially when compared to other types of widely-used roofing options. Single-ply roofing, such as Providence TPO roofing or rubber roofing systems, involves the installation of a material membrane. The different types of systems in this category are separated by the material used to create them.

However, when it comes right down to it, most of the membranes that are used in single-ply roofing installation have similar qualities. Some are thicker, wider, and provide longer-lasting durability than others. A few will have more reflective qualities that might be crucial to some properties. But, for the most part, these membranes offer many of the same advantages, such as being 100 percent waterproof and a great choice for most commercial and industrial structures. For best results, work with a reputable installer for your EPDM or TPO roofing in Rhode Island. While single-ply is easier to install than many other materials, you won’t get the warranty of service or be assured of a professional installation if you choose to do it yourself.

Advantages of TPO and Rubber Roofing in Rhode Island

The typical weather patterns that we can expect to get in New England have a lot to do with the advantages associated with EPDM and TPO roofing in Rhode Island. Single-ply roofing installation materials can offer thermal efficiency, which can be essential for big open warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and large office buildings. The membrane is applied over the top of an insulation layer, helping to increase the thermal efficiency for the entire structure. TPO and rubber roofing in Rhode Island are UV resistant, protecting your building from the sun’s damaging rays. This also helps to protect your roof in all kinds of weather, including snow and rain, hail and wind, extreme heat and cold, or just about anything else Mother Nature might bring our way.

Another benefit of choosing Providence TPO roofing and other single-ply systems is that they are low maintenance. Annual inspections can help to catch any small damage that might occur before it becomes a big and expensive problem. Single-ply roofing installations are strong, durable, impact-resistant, and puncture-proof. That means you won’t have to be too worried when the next hail storm hits or if the HVAC guy drops a wrench on the roof. Only minimal maintenance is required to make sure your EPDM or TPO roofing in Rhode Island is in good shape to keep everything working as it should. The membrane can be cut to find any layout, which means that unusual or creative architecture can benefit from this unique material for quality New England roofing protection.

What is TPO Roofing?

The term TPO stands for thermoplastic olefin, which is the materials used to make this particular single-ply roofing installation. The EPDM that precedes rubber roofing in Rhode Island stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. Rubber roofing is often used for damp-proofing a structure and is extremely flexible. Both of these single-ply roofing installation options are designed to move with your building as it shifts over time to provide long-lasting strength and protection from the elements. Ideal for extreme climates, these products have been tested and studied from Alaska down to Florida with excellent results.

TPO roofing in Rhode Island has an advantage over EPDM materials. It was designed to provide the property owner with all of the long-lasting durability, strength, and resilience of rubber roofing materials, but offers all of the proven performance associated with hot-air weldable seams. The installation options are different, providing Providence TPO roofing with even more resistance, strength, and water-proofing abilities. Resistance to ozone, algae, mildew, and tears, the materials used for single-ply roofing installation are also considered to be very friendly to the environment. Builders and architects frequently use it when attempting to earn LEED certification status for sustainability.

Want to Learn More?

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