The Popular Benefits of Sheet Metal Roofing in Rhode Island

sheet metal roofing providenceIf you have been considering the installation of metal roofing in Rhode Island, you might be surprised to learn about the increase in popularity for this type of roofing material. Used for just about every type of structure, including residential, commercial, and industrial, professional roof installation of this material is required for the best results. Sheet metal roofing companies in New England, including A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing, ensure that their technicians are highly trained and experienced with this type of installation. They also have all of the tools, equipment, safety training, and access to high-quality materials to provide a long-lasting, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing installation of Providence metal roofing materials.

Unique Material Options

One of the benefits associated with using metal roofing is that there are many options concerning the actual material that is used. While the most common choices include steel and aluminum, some property owners choose copper and other unique metals. The steel that is frequently used tends to be galvanized with zinc or a zinc-and-aluminum coating to reduce corrosion. Aluminum has a natural anti-corrosion property thanks to an aluminum-oxide layer that forms, but this protection can be increased with powder-coating, anodizing, and painting, depending on your needs. Copper creates a very distinct appearance, but is much more costly than these other metals, so it is not as widely used.

Winter Weather Protection

Another reason why Providence metal roofing materials are popular is that they stand up well against New England winter weather. When installed correctly by professional sheet metal roofing companies, metal roofing in Rhode Island can eliminate ice damming at the eaves and protect from damage caused by heavy rain, hail, snow, and ice. An excellent defense against high winds throughout the year, sheet metal roofing companies are often in demand for residential, commercial, and industrial professional roof installation following a significant storm. Rather than just put on the same old shingles, property owners seek something more durable and long-lasting for a replacement roof.

Fire-Proof Roofing

It makes sense that, compared to other materials, metal roofing in Rhode Island would be the best defense against wildfires or the spread of commercial and industrial fires in a densely populated area. Metal roofing works to protect the building underneath from the spread of fire if the burning embers were to land on top of the roof. This is an excellent investment in areas where wildfire is a concern, providing a significant return on investment compared to other more flammable materials, such as wood shingles, which cannot stand up well to fire conditions.

Many Styles and Colors

Another advantage of choosing Providence metal roofing materials is that the color, style, and design choices are much greater than any other material. Architectural metal roofing, standing-seam metal roofing, sheet metal roofing, and other types of professional roof installation options are available, depending on the demands of your structure. However, you can also choose from an unlimited array of color options and styles to create the look and feel that you want for your property. Metal roofing in Rhode Island can be designed to mimic other popular roofing styles, such as Spanish tile or traditional slate, at a fraction of the cost. The choice of color and design can help your building to stand out and get noticed or go along with the overall theme of your business for better consumer experience.

Sustainable Solutions

Some property owners choose metal roofing in Rhode Island because it is much more sustainable and friendly to the environment than other materials. The metals used by sheet metal roofing companies are often recycled materials, and, at the end of its life, the roofing materials can be recycled and reused again, reducing impact on our local landfills. A professional roof installation can provide you with a roof that will look and perform great for many years, eliminating frequent roof replacements to reduce waste, as well. Many projects that are seeking LEED certification for environmentally-friendly construction choose to work with sheet metal roofing companies to achieve their low-impact goals.

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