The Best Type of Material for Commercial Roofing in Providence

The materials used in Providence commercial roofing have improved greatly in recent years. Even when it comes to metal roofing, which has been a standard for many commercial and industrial structures, the changes that have been made are significant. It is essential to work with a reputable Rhode Island commercial roofing company, whether you are looking to install new slate roofing in Providence or obtain annual inspections and preventive maintenance for an existing roof. A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing has many years of experience serving commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout the New England region and can work with you to match the best type of material for your commercial roofing in Providence or anywhere else in the local area.

Metal Roofing Materials

There are lots of choices when it comes to metal roofing for your commercial structure. Standing seam metal, architectural metal, copper sheet metal, and custom metal work are used to add color, texture, and increase visibility to commercial buildings. There are many metal roofing materials to choose from in just about any color, style or design. Some will mimic tile or slate roofing materials, providing long-lasting great looks at a fraction of the cost. Our team will come to your property, assess your existing roof and discuss your needs, so we can provide you with a comprehensive estimate for our services. Our goal is not just to put on a new roof, but to help our customers achieve their goals with regard to roofing. Reduced maintenance, longer-lasting performance, increased strength and durability – whatever you want to get out of the roofing project, we can help make it happen.

Single-Ply Roofing Materials

A lot of Rhode Island commercial roofing is for flat roofs that feature space for HVAC units and other building system maintenance. In these situations, we frequently install what is known as single-ply Providence commercial roofing materials. This includes EPDM rubber roofing and TPO roofing systems, both of which are excellent for situations where damp-proofing, flexibility, and protection from extreme weather conditions is required. UV-stable, ozone-stable, designed to move with your building over time, and the ability to stand up to very hot and cold temperatures, prevent hail and ice damage, protect from puncture damage, and resist algae, moss, mold, and mildew – there’s not much single-ply roofing materials cannot do. Years of testing have gone into both EPDM and TPO roofing systems and both have been deemed friendly to the environment.

Slate Roofing Materials

Investing in the longevity of your business means purchasing a structure that will protect your assets and goods. A key aspect of that protection includes proper commercial roofing in Providence and the surrounding area. Slate roofing is often referred to as a “100-year roof” because many slate roofs that have been professionally installed in the New England region have lasted 100 years or more. With the snow, ice, hail, wind, rain, and temperature considerations for our area, that’s saying something. Slate roofing is completely natural, made from sedimentary rock that is compressed into strong layers over time. While more expensive than metal or single-ply roofing materials, those who invest in this type of roofing can expect to get a long-term return on investment. Color variations are available as well, including blues, greens, pinks, and even golden hues alongside the traditional gray, depending on where the materials are sourced from and the minerals that are present.

Which is Best for You?

Our team will provide free consultation and estimate services to help you decide the best choice for your unique situation. The materials used in the construction of your building, the age, and condition of the structure, the shape of the roof itself, as well as any other considerations will be discussed early on to help you eliminate any options that are not possible. This can help to narrow down the search and allow you to make choices based on aesthetics, budget, durability, and maintenance requirements to best suit your needs. A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing can be reached directly by calling 401.654.4128. Our team can answer any questions you might have about metal, single-ply, or slate roofing in Providence, offer details regarding ongoing maintenance requirements and provide a comprehensive estimate for the roofing material of your choice. We provide high-quality commercial, industrial, and residential roofing system installations throughout all of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.