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preventive roof maintenanceWith any structural system, preventive maintenance can help to reduce big costs associated with significant repairs and early replacements. This is also true when it comes to Rhode Island commercial roofing. Regular inspection and commercial roof repair program will help you to provide comprehensive preventive roof maintenance in Providence and the surrounding area. Help your roof to last longer, catch small issues before they become big problems, and get the best return on your investment when you hire a professional for Rhode Island commercial roofing services. A reputable commercial roofing contractor can help you to get the most out of your existing roof and help you make plans for future repairs, servicing, and replacement.

5 Reasons to Outsource Preventive Services

While you might think that you could just send your maintenance crew up on the roof after a particularly heavy storm to take a look, it just isn’t the same as sending up trained professionals who know what to look for regarding commercial roof repair. If you have concerns that a storm may have damaged your roof, go ahead and take a look; however, if you want to be certain that you won’t end up with water inside your facility, be sure to call a professional. A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing offers a wide range of services for roof maintenance in Providence and beyond. Not only do we install commercial and industrial roofing, but we also provide preventive maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

#1 – Increase the Life of Your Roof

It has been proven that regular inspections and preventive services for Rhode Island commercial roofing will increase the life of the materials and the roofing installation itself. This is by far the best reason to call out a professional for annual inspections and required maintenance. Depending on the roofing system that you choose, those services might be minimal. However, just by having a professional, licensed, and reputable commercial roofing contractor come out to your property for an inspection, you will get the peace of mind in knowing that everything up there is okay. Third-party inspections may also be required to fulfill the terms of your roofing system warranty, so make sure to find out about that before you forgo these services.

#2 – Prevent Structural Damage

So many things can go wrong with the building underneath if the roof becomes damaged or fails for some reason. If water gets inside your structure, the walls, beams, and other materials could rot and begin to break away. Rotting wood, drywall, and other common components can become moldy, mildewy, or unsafe, presenting a liability or risk to you as a business owner and also to your employees, customers, or anyone else who visits the facility. Leaky roofs can also damage goods and other assets, including high-value or sensitive equipment. Protect your building’s structural integrity and everything it safeguards below when you hire a commercial roofing contractor to perform regular inspections and preventive roof maintenance in providence and the surrounding area.

#3 – Prevent Other Liabilities

Outside of potential risks associated with structural damage, mold, mildew, and damage to assets or other property, there are other liabilities that could impact you if you neglect roof maintenance in Providence. Slip and fall lawsuits filed by shoppers and other visitors due to leaky drips in a warehouse or shopping center are quite common. Overflow leaks that miss containers can also further increase the risk of personal injury to vendors, delivery personnel, and other visitors to your work site. Workers who come to your property to service your HVAC units on the roof or other essential systems, including plumbing and electrical, might also become injured due to your neglected roof.

#4 – Save Money on Repairs

When you catch a small issue with a leaky roof or failed roofing system early enough, you reduce the amount of money that you spend on repairs. Regular inspections can even prevent leaks from happening in the first place, helping you to further reduce costs associate with your commercial roof repair and replacement. A preventive maintenance contract with a reputable and reliable Rhode Island commercial roofing provider can help you to save a lot of money over the lifetime of your roof and, because you are a contract customer, it could even save you on the inspections and repairs themselves.

#5 – Save Time

When you outsource roofing inspections and preventive maintenance to a team of professionals, you save time compared to shifting your in-house maintenance crew to the roof for a day of inspections and repairs. Working with an experienced commercial roofing contractor can also mean getting the work done a lot faster, providing you with a safe and effective roof in a fraction of the time compared to doing it yourself.

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