Install Commercial Roofing: EPDM Rubber Roofing in Providence

One of the most widely used materials for commercial roofing installation in the northeastern states is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM rubber roofing for short. EPDM is an excellent choice for just about any type of roof, and it can even be used to help damp-proof a structure. Rubber roofing in Rhode Island is used for both commercial and industrial properties, providing long-lasting, durable, and very flexible. It is also UV-stable and ozone-stable, designed to move with your building as the structure shifts over time for a longer-lasting strength and durability. With all of those benefits going for it, what’s not to like about EPDM for your next Providence roofing installation?

Great for Extreme Temperatures
After testing EPDM rubber roofing in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, it was discovered that it is a great material solution for both extremely hot and cold weather regions. It performed just as well during the winter in Alaska as it did during the summer in Florida. There are many inherent challenges for roofing commercial roofing installation materials in Rhode Island due to the broad range of temperature and weather conditions that can vary from summer to winter. As a result, rubber roofing in Rhode Island is a great choice, as it can withstand the extreme variations of all four seasons that we experience in New England.

When you get a Providence roofing installation of EPDM rubber roofing for your commercial property, you won’t ever have to worry about the weather again. There are other benefits as well. For example, the ongoing maintenance costs for this commercial roofing installation are very low compared to other types of roofing materials. Minimal repairs and attention will be required throughout the lifetime of this extremely durable and flexible material, helping to make it a very cost-effective solution for property owners. The more you learn about rubber roofing in Rhode Island, there more you will want to know about this unique and beneficial material for commercial roofing.

Affordable Material
Another huge advantage to choosing EPDM rubber roofing is the price. Compared to other popular materials for commercial and industrial properties, rubber roofing in Rhode Island is very affordable. A licensed commercial roofing installation company must install this material, however, so it cannot be done as a DIY (do-it-yourself) type of project. However, even with a professional roofing installation, EPDM rubber roofing is still considerably less expensive than other types of commercial roofing. The material is light in weight, and the installation is relatively quick and easy, helping builders to achieve tight deadlines. The rubber material itself is glued into place, so heat does not need to be used for installation, reducing the risk of damage or liability with commercial property insurance policies.

Long-Lasting Protection
One of the biggest reasons why commercial property owners choose EPDM rubber roofing for their Rhode Island properties is that it is long-lasting. This type of rubber roofing is typically laid out in one single piece, which means that there are no seams to worry about or if there are seams, there usually aren’t many. The fewer seams that a commercial roofing installation has, the less chance, there is that water will leak under the materials and into the structure, causing damage. Naturally resistant to UV rays from the sun, a well-installed Providence roofing installation should last fifty years or more. In fact, many of the rubber roofs that were installed back in the 1970s are still in good condition and in use today.

It is important to note, if there ever is a leak in your rubber roofing in Rhode Island, repairs are fast and easy. In most situations, all it takes is a tube of liquid rubber or special tape that is designed for use in the repair of rubber. What that means is less cost for repairs and quicker services to prevent damage from being done to the structure underneath. EPDM rubber roofing requires less maintenance than any other type of roof, only requiring repainting with acrylic paint once every ten to twelve years or so. The thickness of the roof can vary between 45 and 60 mm, depending on the demands of the structure and your budget. If you work with a professional commercial roofing installation company, they can advise you as to which thickness would be best for your building.

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