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architectural metal roofing rhode island

Choose Architectural Metal Roofing for Commercial Structures

August 27, 2019

There are plenty of reasons to use metal roofing installers for your commercial or industrial building. Metal is eco-friendly and sustainable, long-lasting, low maintenance, and provides many options for colors, textures, and styles to improve curb appeal for your commercial property. Sheet metal roofing companies have come a long way in recent years, offering customers…

sustainable roofing materials providence

Sustainable Roofing Materials for New Providence Construction

July 29, 2019

While most people have heard about green buildings, green construction, and green materials, very few know much about sustainable roofing materials in relation to LEED certification and other accredited environmental design programs. LEED is a worldwide organization that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. To achieve a LEED certification for a commercial property,…

rhode island roof repair and maintenance

The Importance of Annual Roofing Inspection and Maintenance

July 29, 2019

A brand new commercial roof is a significant investment that must be protected with regular roof maintenance in Providence. The best way to determine the status of an existing roof is to submit to an annual roofing inspection. By contacting a reputable commercial roofing repair company to come out to your property and perform an…

residential roofing in providence

Secrets to Hiring a Pro for Rhode Island Residential Roofing

July 29, 2019

Figuring out which Rhode Island residential roofing company is the best for your particular needs can be tricky. While a lot of people rely on referrals from friends and neighbors, there is still a lot of gray area in that way of hiring a professional. There are certain questions that you should ask and specific…

commercial sheet metal roofing

10 Benefits of Commercial Sheet Metal Roofing in Providence

July 29, 2019

If you have been thinking about re-roofing a commercial building, you have probably considered many different types of roofing materials. However, one of the best solutions for commercial property owners in Rhode Island is sheet metal roofing. When most people consider Providence metal roofing materials, they think of plain gray warehouse roofing, like the kind…

rhode island roofing

Best Options for Rhode Island Commercial Roofing Installations

July 29, 2019

Whether you are putting a new roof on an existing structure or shopping for roofing materials to use on new construction, A&M Sheet Metal & Roofing can help you to achieve your goals. While some property owners will just settle for the cheapest and quickest option when it comes to Rhode Island commercial roofing, it…

single-ply roofing in rhode island

Commercial Roofing Solutions: Single-Ply Roofing Rhode Island

June 21, 2019

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to picking the commercial roofing solutions that are best for your building. In the world of commercial real estate, you will notice that there are many different types of roofs, which all require different kinds of roofing materials. One of the most popular categories for commercial and…

providence roof repair services

Reasons to Hire Providence Roof Repair Services for New Roof

June 21, 2019

So you just put on a brand new roof for your commercial property. What’s the first thing you should do? The answer: hire commercial roof repair in Rhode Island. You might think that’s a crazy proposition to hire someone to provide Providence metal roof repair for a brand new roof that has just been expertly…

providence metal roofing

Providence Metal Roofing Materials for Industrial Buildings

June 21, 2019

Sheet metal roofing companies have been a popular choice for industrial properties for generations. Metal roofing provides comprehensive coverage and protection from the elements without costing an arm and a leg. However, today’s Rhode Island roofing services install Providence metal roofing materials on more than just warehouses and large-scale industrial factories. Metal is a popular…

commercial roofing solutions providence

Best Providence Commercial Roofing Solutions for Businesses

June 21, 2019

What type of material is best for Providence commercial roofing? Well, it depends on the kind of structure, the materials used for the existing roof, and the type of business that you run. Choosing the best materials will also depend on where your property is located. Buildings in the New England region have a lot…

residential roofing rhode island

Affordable Residential Roofing: Rhode Island Roofing Materials

June 21, 2019

When most homeowners start looking around at options for residential roofing in Providence and the surrounding area, they only look at the bottom line. This is understandable because before you can put on a new roof, you need to be able to pay for it. Unfortunately, this does not provide homeowners with the best return…

roofing slates and tiles in rhode island

Commercial Providence Roofing Slates and Tiles Installations

May 30, 2019

If you want to invest in a roofing material that will truly last a lifetime, consider Rhode Island slate roofing. Compared to other materials that are frequently used for commercial structures, slate roofing in Providence is by far the longest lasting and most durable solution to date. While there are plenty of other options available…